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I was very scared to try the cup, but then I told myself that I had nothing to lose by trying it once. Now, I am happy, I don't worry about my period, I even forget that I am on my period!


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I think everyone should use the cup like me, this is my wish. I used to use pads and my health got damaged- I experienced lots of white discharge. The doctor had told me that I will get uterine cancer because of this white discharge. I also knew a little bit about this, so I was afraid. I was worried since I have two children and there was no end to this problem. I used to get upset and always thought about what I could do. I am a working woman, I need to come to work and look after my home and children, I can’t just sit at home. Some months ago, our madam told us that there will be a training. I wondered what benefit I would get from a short training. However, after going through the training, I considered switching to the menstrual cup. I thought about the cost benefit of the cup, the health benefits of it and realised that it was a good product. My friend Shashi who was already using the cup shared her experience and I got more confidence. I bought the product, not just for me, but for 6 of my friends also! All of them use it and it’s given a super result! The white discharge has now stopped- the doctor was shocked and said the menstrual cup is good! There is now no irritation. My husband was initially worried that the problem caused by pads will become worse with a cup, but now he is convinced. Me, my children and family are all healthy now. I have no fear- Shakti Menstrual Cup helped me! I recommend the Shakti Menstrual Cup to all women.

Aruna Kumari


Previously, I used pads to manage my period, it was extremely uncomfortable, I would get rashes and struggle to walk or cycle to reach work. Now that I use the cup, I have no problems, I find it easy to cycle and reach work, I don't even realise that I am on my period!


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