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We understand that switching to the menstrual cup is a scary thought, you have a bunch of questions that you think would be uncomfortable to address, you don't know how it works, where it goes or what it will feel like. We understand and we're here to help you build you knowledge about the cup.

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Our in-house brand, the Shakti Menstrual Cup has been tested by hundreds of women, we use it personally too. Designed for the Indian body, the cup is comfortable and of high-quality. For women from low-income backgrounds, shopping for cups online is daunting. We make cups available to them during training sessions we conduct at workplaces and with non-profits.

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The most valuable part of our services is the 24*7 support we provide. We understand that you might need to talk to someone when you think the cup is lost inside your body or when you just can't get it right. We're here for you. Just reach out to the number printed on the bag you received with the cup.

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